Planner Dale is hosted in a secure data center where the entire system and database are backed up daily. Planner Dale transmits data via a secure channel. This is an additional level of security preventing external systems from intercepting data transmitted between a user’s computer/device and the Planner Dale database.

Disaster Recovery

In addition to being hosted in a secure data center with reliability, we have the ability to restore the system in the event of a disaster. We do not anticipate any disaster as we proactively look after our systems – the reason Planner Dale is used by many organisations with varying sizes and functions.

User Access

Planner Dale will only grant access to system users that have been registered with the appropriate privileges and have accepted the user terms. Where incorrect passwords are supplied 3 times, the system will force a password reset and send new logon credentials to the user’s email. The new password will need to be changed after the user has logged onto the system successfully.