people-2557396_960_720Many clubs and associations have members who volunteer their time towards the operational activities of the club or association.  Planner Dale’s tools help by providing a central management system from where the admin operations can be easily managed.

Membership Management

Planner Dale provides a central address book from where you can manage the contact information of all your contacts, such as members, partners and visitors.  The system also allows you to segment your contacts into groups and lists, so you can manage members in smaller segments.  This works really well for clubs and associations that function in different geographical locations, branches and divisions.  Using the address book, you can easily identify members per location across your club/association.

Personalized Communication

Planner Dale helps you keep the communication flowing within your club/association by allowing you send out important emails, reminders, birthday messages, meeting reminders etc.  Messages can also be sent as personalized SMS, an alternative to sending emails.

Service Desk

Planner Dale also provides an online enquiry form through which members can submit requests, enquiries, or provide feedback.  The service desk provided within the system gives you visibility on outstanding requests, so you can process them accordingly.  This serves useful particularly where requests require follow up activities.

Managing Events

Using the calendar feature, Planner Dale helps you to create these events, schedule automated reminders to members, request for RSVP confirmation, and receive RSVP responses.