Planner Dale is positioned to function as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and more.

This means standard and custom information relating to contacts such as customers, clients, members, employers, subscribers can be stored and managed centrally.  While Keeping contact details up to date, the system allows for sending personalised emails to contacts as individuals or groups.

The system uses contact information as a bedrock for carrying out other important activities including:

  • Invoicing customers and tracking outstanding payments
  • Capturing basic financial records (Income & Expenses)
  • Processing submitted expense claims for remittance
  • Building forms for capturing information from contacts such as application forms
  • Capturing enquiries, feedback, complaints and requests into your Service Desk for follow up and action
  • Composing of¬†personalised and branded emails to contacts
  • Organising scheduled events, managing invites and attendance
  • Tracking important due dates such as submission deadlines and document expiry dates
  • Creating and executing activities/tasks

Planner Dale provides a configuration menu for setting up the system to function according to your business requirements.

Types of small & medium businesses that will find Planner Dale most useful include:

  • B2B Products & Services
  • Management Services
  • Support & Maintenance Services
  • Personalised Customer Services