startup-849805_960_720Running a small business can place many demands on you, especially if you are the business owner or part of the business management team.  Planner Dale recognizes how busy you can be, but supports you by providing tools that help you manage your customers, communication and service desk.

Planner Dale can help you in the following ways:

Customer Management

Create an online customer registration form allowing your customers to register easily for your services.  Planner Dale links your online registration form to your corporate address book, providing you with a central place for managing your business contacts.  Information you can keep includes standard customer contact details, plus custom information such as service renewal dates etc.

Personalised Communication

Customers have the ability to bring revenue into your business, hence the importance of maintaining relationships with them through communication.  Planner Dale will help you send out personalized emails and SMS such as welcome notes, reminders, thank you notes and other important messages for your customers.

Service Desk

Your contacts should have a way to reach you easily.  This includes customers and external contacts such as prospective customers seeking to communicate with you.  Planner Dale helps you manage a central service desk through which contacts can submit messages such as enquiries, complaints, feedback and other requests.  The service desk provides an online form through which these are submitted, while allowing you to access them through Planner Dale.