abContact Management

The corporate address book allows for keeping standard and custom information on contacts. Contacts can also be segmented into categories and groups for management and communication purposes.  Contact records can easily be updated individually or via a mass update process where a common update is required.  The Member Portal allows contacts to logon to a secure area where they can access their details for viewing and management.

meEmails, SMS, Communication & Notifications

Messaging can’t be any simpler.  Planner Dale allows you send branded and personalised emails/SMS to contacts in your address book as an immediate request or on a schedule.  The email/SMS tracking system tells you who has read your message.  Lastly, Planner Dale provides you with the ability to create message templates which can be used and re-used for the purpose of sending important messages to contacts.  The system is also powered with optional email notifications that are triggered by configurable events for quick response and planning.

caCalendar & Event Management

Planner Dale allows for managing upcoming events.  The system also let’s you organise the automated delivery of email invites and reminders.  Invites also provide a URL allowing recipients to RSVP to an event.  The system also allows for carrying out event check in/out activities.  The calendar plugs in perfectly into the management of projects, activities and tasks by allowing you to define these elements in a simple format so they can be tracked from inception through to execution.

feature_moInvoicing, Financial Recording & Remittance

The financial module provides a simple means for invoicing customers, and capturing transactions in a multi-currency setup, across various accounts where required.  An expense claim system also allows users to submit incurred expenses for remittance purposes.  This provides a means by which submitted expense claims are forwarded to the designated approval authority after which it is forwarded to the designation treasury representative for actual payment.

feature_sdService Desk Functions

Within your service desk is the management of enquiries, requests, complaints, feedback and tickets raised by your contacts.  The system provides you with the means of managing these entities so you can keep track of what requires attention and what is outstanding.  The Member Portal allows contacts to submit any of these from their secure logon.  This becomes immediately accessible and visible within your service desk.Reports may also be submitted by system users in a central repository within your Service Desk.

feature_taskActivities & Tasks

Managing activities and tasks can be cumbersome especially when there is a long list of to-do items to be actioned by various people.  The system allows you to create projects and associate activities and tasks to it.  This allows assigned users to be made aware of tasks for completion before the set deadlines.  The system uses notifications and the dashboard to bring the task assignee’s attention to the tasks.  This allows a manager to easily monitor activities/tasks.

feature_documentDocument Management

The document management feature allows for managing forms and documents.  Forms can be built from scratch and sent to contacts as an online form for completion.  This is useful for capturing specific information externally and bringing it into the system.  The document section allows for uploading documents and tracking of document status.  This allows for monitoring documents with expiry/due-dates and missing mandatory documents associated with contacts.


The roster system allows for creating team rosters on the click of a button.  It recognizes availability and unavailability using rules that have been setup against resources and absences logged by contacts via the Member Portal to produce the perfect rota.  The system still provides flexibility by allowing for quick swaps and changes.  The notification system works alongside rosters as well by sending out reminders to resources to ensure that a shift/work allocation is attended and served.

feature_usersUser Access & Privileges

Access to the system is only be secure access via a few logon options including Username/Password, Facebook Login and Google Login.  Users are setup with the right privileges ensuring that they have access to only what has been granted to them.  An activity log maintains user activity for security and reference purposes.  Users can also be granted privileges via group permissions, an alternative to individual level privileges.  Privileges may be granted on a data set or on a part/section of the system.