Plannerdale CRM

Plannerdale is a cloud based CRM solution that is customizable for various types of business operations and organisations.  We have a number of brochures tailored to various business/organizational activities, and a number of Case Studies to highlight how Plannerdale can equip your business/organizational operations.  Our current customer base includes Small Businesses, Churches, Clubs & Associations.  Keep reading to find out more about Plannerdale CRM.

abCentralized Customer Management
Plannerdale’s Address Book allows you to keep customer records centrally.  Every organisation including businesses and non-profit organizations will have a number of contacts such as customers, members, subscribers, vendors etc.  Using the Address Book, there is central visibility of contact information.  Plannerdale also allows you to build an online registration form through which your contacts can register directly into your address book.
mePersonalized Communication
Plannerdale sees communicating as a tool for building and maintaining relationships with your contacts.  Automated emails and SMS may be setup for delivery to contacts sending important messages such as Welcome Letters, Thank You Notes, Important Reminders, Birthday Messages, Form Submission Confirmations, and an endless list of personalized messages composed for immediate delivery, or scheduled for a later date.
feature_sdCentralized Service Desk
Contacts may find a reason to contact you through a variety of communication channels such as emails or a contact form on your website.  Plannerdale provides you with a simple contact form allowing contacts to submit enquiries, feedback, complaints or any other type of messages.  But it doesn’t end there.  Plannerdale presents you with these submissions into a help desk from where you can track outstanding messages for follow up.  This allows you to keep up with contact requests.
caEvent Management
Plannerdale’s calendar tools are a simple and organized way to plan an event.  It allows you to create an event, send out electronic invites to contacts, and collect RSVP responses.  This end to end process gives you visibility on who has confirmed attending your event.  This works well for both corporate activities and social functions.

If you’re unsure what tools Plannerdale can offer you, please look through our website to understand how Planner Dale can serve you.  Click Here!

There is also a DEMO available if you would like to experience Plannerdale.  If you have any questions, please contact us, and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you to discuss further.