whyRunning your business office or organisation activities requires adequate record keeping and management.  This includes the management and record keeping of Contacts/Customers, Finances, Important Dates such as Deadlines & Events in your corporate Calendar, and much more.  Utilizing Planner Dale helps you to manage your customers/contacts better, improve financial recording & reporting, keep track of important dates & deadlines, and more.

From managing customer/contact/subscriber communication (emails & sms), to invoicing customers, and managing a service desk, Planner Dale provides a central management system from where your core business/organisations records are kept and managed.  The system also keeps track of outstanding activities and automatically reminds you of what’s due.  This includes dates associated with customers/contacts, but also organisational deadlines and other important dates.   Through the help of a real-time dashboard, Planner Dale draws your attention where it is required most.

One System – 360 degree overview…

Planner Dale offers a single system, from where you can manage a variety of these activities, helping to manage records more efficiently, allowing you to manage your business/organisation with ease, and having a 360 degree overview of what’s going on across your business/organisation.  Based on this alone, it has become a top choice for many users, being a cost-effective solution for maintaining electronic business/organisational records.

It is very easy to use, designed with an interface that provides users with a great user experience.  It is secure online system that is tailored to your needs through system configuration, allowing your system users to run your business/organisation exactly as it should be done.

It is equipped with security features that guarantee the safety of your records.  The system access is restricted to users who you have granted privileges to specific functions and data sets.  This ensures that data is only accessible by permission.

Who is using Planner Dale?

Planner Dale works best for Businesses, Non-Profit Organisations (e.g Churches & Charity Organisations), and Event Management.  This makes Planner Dale a CRM system that is fit for purpose, providing you with useful tools that equip the central administration of your organisation.

We’ve already had outstanding customer reviews from current users across a variety of business functions and organisations.  If you’re unsure what tools Planner Dale can offer you, please look through our website to understand how Planner Dale will equip your business/organisation.  Click Here to see how Planner Dale will help you!

Why don’t you try the Planner Dale demo?  See for yourself how the system will deliver to your expectations.

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