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Contacts, Emails, SMS, Calendar, Enquiries!  Managing these within a business, charity organization, association, event planning etc, can be cumbersome, especially if you are still storing information in paper-form, or on in multiple spreadsheets.

This is where Planner Dale helps, providing you with a single User Interface, from where you can manage the basics – Contacts, Communication, Calendar, Service Desk and more.  Reegardless of what industry you operate in, or the activities you are involved in, Planner Dale is an cloud based system that is feature-rich, affordable and customizable.  This places it over other systems that are expensive and difficult to use.  Planner Dale is a need, particularly for small and growing businesses/organisations.

Planner Dale is currently used across the globe.  Many of these users have expressed outstanding reviews from their experience with Planner Dale.  It has also been listed on Capterra’s top 20 cost-effective CRM software, within the Church Management System space.  This is just an example of how Planner Dale has made a difference.  Planner Dale has also found its place in the offices of Small Businesses, Associations, Charity Organisations, Event Organisers etc.

What exactly can Planner Dale do for you?

You are probably a business or organization that provides a number of services to your clients, customers, members or a group of people.  The focus of Planner Dale is to give you tools to manage your contacts from registration, maintaining a relationship with them, and serving them as best as you can.  Planner Dale will help you in the following ways:

  1. Create and publish an online registration form for customers, clients and members to register
  2. Automatically send out personalized emails or SMS such as welcome messages, celebratory messages, thank you notes, reminders and important notifications
  3. Centrally store important information on your contacts such as personal details and custom data
  4. Compose personalized branded messages to individual or group of contacts
  5. Track message delivery, highlighting which of your messages have been successfully read by recipients
  6. Centrally manage a corporate calendar of events
  7. Notify you of upcoming events for early preparation and planning
  8. Automatically send our electronic invites and RSVP requests
  9. Collect RSVP responses online, tracking attendees and declines
  10. Automatically send out event reminders to event attendees
  11. Automatically email out reminders on recurring events such as service renewals etc.
  12. Track important notable dates such as deadlines and expiry dates
  13. Run an online enquiry form through which contacts can submit enquiries, complaints and feedback directly into your Service Desk for follow up
  14. Monitor outstanding enquiries submitted into your Service Desk
  15. Create and publish custom forms for collecting data from contacts
  16. Notify you of events such as contact registration, contact unsubscription, upcoming events, submitted forms, due-dates etc

If you’re unsure what tools Planner Dale can offer you, please look through our website to understand how Planner Dale can serve you.  Click Here!

There is also a DEMO available if you would like to experience Planner Dale.  If you have any questions, please contact us, and one of our Consultants will get in touch with you to discuss further.